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Chasseur Cast Iron Oval Dish Black 28 cm

Chasseur Cast Iron Oval Dish Black 28 cm

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Oval gratin dish - matte black.

A stylish and durable oval dish, perfect for all your cooking and serving needs.

  • Made with the highest quality cast iron
  • Lifetime warranty included
  • Dishwasher safe

Dishwasher Safe
Able to handle any challenge that you throw its way, this Chasseur dish is suited for use on all hob types, along with being dishwasher safe.

Double Enamelled
With a double enamelled finish, this dish is suited to hob use thanks to its smooth base and is also dishwasher and chip resistant.

Heat Retention
High quality Cast Iron is renowned for being perfect at retaining heat, ideal for perfectly cooked dishes every time.

Ergonomic Handles
Also included for convenience and added enjoyment when using this Cast Iron dish and that is the two large ergonomic handles that have been included for a safer form of lifting.


Width: 20.5cm; Length: 33cm; Height: 5cm; Size: 27cm

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