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Dexam Vintage Home Small Coffee Pot - Slate Grey

Dexam Vintage Home Small Coffee Pot - Slate Grey

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Designed to brighten up any kitchen, this new smaller retro-style 1.2 litre Coffee Pot is an elegant way to serve coffee to your guests. You can use it to make coffee on the stove top 'the old fashioned way', keep your coffee warm on the hob, or just put it on display in your kitchen!

It is dishwasher safe, oven safe and suitable for any type of hob.

Vintage Home enamelware is a collection of retro-style, hand-enamelled cookware and accessories, which includes kitchen storage pots, mugs and coffee pots, stove top and oven-to-table cookware. This is the toughest and best quality enamelware Dexam have ever found in 20 years of searching. Manufactured in Europe from high quality steel to strict quality parameters, it is hand enamelled and fired to 800C, which provides a durable, smooth surface which is resistant to chipping, sticking, staining and scratching. The secret is in its double dipped enamel process which makes it highly chip-resistant and maintains its glossy surface. We have tested it in-house to make sure that it can be used on all types of hob and is easy to keep clean. Handles can become hot with use, so we recommend you use an oven glove.

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