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Viners Assure Colour Code Knife Block & Board Set

Viners Assure Colour Code Knife Block & Board Set

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The Assure Colour Code Knife Block and Board Set is an innovation from Viner’s, bringing knife safety, food preparation safety and space saving together in this unique set.
Colour coded Assure Knives correlate with the chopping boards allowing you to prevent cross contamination with raw and cooked foods.
• Red for raw meat matches the chef’s knife.
• Blue for fish matches the Santoku knife.
• Yellow for cooked meats matches the carving knife.
• Green for fruit and vegetables matches the utility knife.
The knives feature the Assure square shaped blades for maximum safety without compromising functionality. With a colour coded bolster which creates extra balance near the centre of the knife and coloured end caps to reinforce the colour correlation.
Simply use the same colour knife to the same colour chopping board along with the relevant foods. A heat engraved logo has been added to the rubber wood chopping boards as another visual reminder.
The knives with soft touch handles, slide neatly into the relevant coloured, chopping boards which are all then housed in a neat, compact block system.
Complete with a 10 year guarantee and a full colour giftbox.
Viners is renowned for quality dating back over 110 years, securing its place as the UK’s number 1 cutlery brand.


1 x 8"/ 20cmChef Knife
1 x 8"/ 20cm Carving Knife
1 x 6"/ 15.5cm Sanoktu Knife
1 x 5"/ 12.5cm Utility Knife
4 x 18 x 25 x1.5cm Wooden Chopping Boards

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